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Questions parents ask

How do you verify your tutors?

Before a tutor is accepted as a prepdia tutor he must pass through 3 stages which include them providing us with their valid identification documents and certificates. Background checks, interviews, personality tests are also carried out on these tutors.

Why get a tutor from prepdia instead of looking for one myself?

Your child’s education doesn’t have to be guesswork and as such your child deserves a competent and Best-fit tutor. We guarantee you that. we have a wide collection of professional tutors that have been verified. You will find the tutor that fits your child’s needs without stressing yourself.

How do you charge and what are your rates?

We charge you based on the lesson duration and level of the child. For any inquiries, you can always reach us at 682 687 166

Where will the lessons hold?

Your child learns in the comfort of your home.

How do I pay?

Payments are done online using the mobile money account of your choice. Lessons start immediately after we have agreed on the tutor you need and the payment.

Questions tutors ask

How do I become a tutor?

To be a Prepdia tutor, you must have previous teaching experience. Most of our tutors are teachers by profession and university undergraduates and graduates, while others are of other professions with experience as home tutors. Make sure you are competent and able to pass what you know to others. If you fit the above description, Create your tutor account. It might take up to 45 minutes. Only complete applications are reviewed. Our team will verify your account and hopefully, we will call you for an interview. Join our amazing team.

When will I get a client?

You can have your first client 1 – 10 days after completing your registration. However, this depends also on your location since some cities like Douala and Yaounde have a higher demand. It may take longer if you are not in these cities.

Can you guarantee that I will get paid?

Yes, you have a 100% guarantee of being paid if you complete your lessons and fill the form of lesson completion. We ensure that parents pay for lessons even before you start teaching. Terms and conditions apply.

How do I get paid?

After completing your lessons and filling the lesson's completion form, we send your money your mobile money or bank account within 72 hours. Within this time, we check-up with the parents to verify the completion of the lessons.

How much am I paid?

How much you get paid depends on the location of the students, the number of days required, number of subjects, number of children, and the number of hours per class. However, we hold 15% -20% of the tuition fee as commission.

What can I teach?

Learners want tutors in all academic subjects and skills. You can teach the subjects and skills you master and those that you are confident in teaching.

Where is the location of the teaching?

All lessons take place in the homes of students or where the learner agrees.

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