Transforming youths into local teachers who contribute directly to their community by delivering personalized learning where it is most convenient for learners.

Vision and Mission

At Prepdia, we believe that good tutoring is essential to help your kids achieve academic excellence and self-development, especially if they are struggling in school for one reason or another. We also believe that good tutoring can only be achieved if the parents believe in the quality of tuition and on the safety of their children with the tutors. Children need to feel safe with their tutors and understood by their tutors to help them succeed.

This is why our team comprises of dedicated and passionate individuals with very much combined experience in the tutoring field. They are best-placed to help you find reliable, verified, professional, and the best-fit tutors for your kids.

Prepdia aims to help people find tutors for themselves or for others, in order to help them learn anything they desire.


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