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Personalized learning delivered where it is most convenient by professional tutors.

Vision and Mission

After 17 months of actively searching for a tutoring job, a friend recommended Malieh to a parent that needed a tutor for her child preparing for the GCE. It was sad that the parent has been searching for a professional tutor for over two months. He started noticing the frustration that parents face to connect with professional, competent and reliable tutors for different subjects and skills. Malieh, knowing that thousands of passionate teachers are looking for opportunities to assist learners to improve their learning outcome noticed parents and learners are also searching for these tutors but do not know where to find them. So in 2019, Malieh began a tutoring company called Prepdia that helps parents and learners connect with professional best-fit tutors around them to learn whatever they want to learn, in-person or online.

At Prepdia, we believe that good tutoring is essential to help your kids achieve academic excellence and self-development. We also believe that good tutoring can only be achieved if the parents believe in the quality of tuition and on the safety of their children with the tutors. Children need to feel safe and secure with their tutors and understood by their tutors to help them succeed. We care about quality education, good tuition, reliability, professionalism, safety and security, continuous learning, accountability and flexibility.

This is why our team comprises dedicated and passionate individuals with very much combined experience in the tutoring field. They are best-placed to help you find reliable, verified, professional, and the best-fit tutors for your kids. Prepdia aims to help people find tutors for themselves or others, to help them learn anything they desire.


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